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You will get pre defined shortcode under Power Element section. Step by step we will describe what you will get or what will do with them. So let’s go


This section is for slider option you can add or delete slider images and text.


In this shotcode section you can add portfolio. Here you can select portfolio style also you can change all the style.

Progress Bar

You can change or add progress bar in your page with our pre build progress bar shotcode.

Icon Box

In this shotcode you find two different icon box.


We included a bunch number button. See the screenshot for better understanding.


Under heading shotcode you will add or edit heading content.


You will find here 6 different testimonial style.

Price Table

Price table shotcode is very to to edit for better understanding you may see below image


See below image for understanding Accordion


In this shotcode you can edit your tab both vertical and horizontal position


You may add here style of image

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